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   Welcome to JR Sale, Industries   We decided to start selling Stella and Chewy's freeze dried dog food, because of the high quality meat portions in the freeze dried dog food. Often times, the dog foods that are out on the market do not contain enough meat products in them. Stella and Chewy's freeze dried dog food is high in meat without all the added fillers, such as corn meal, soy products, grains, and wheat. Stella and Chewy's freeze dried dog food has the proper ingredients mixed into each serving to keep your dog healthy and fit. The high meat content in each serving of freeze dried dog food will help maintain and balance your dogs meal time nourishment. Stella and Chewy's freeze dried dog food generates high quality meat portions your dog will love and enjoy.

  And at the same time Stella and Chewy has your dogs health and fitness in mind. Stella and Chewy's also carries two delicious varieties of freeze dried dog treats. They offer carnival crunch treats and carnival kisses that your dog will enjoy and still maintain a healthy diet. 

  JR Sales, Industries carriers a variety of Tri-Tronics dog training collars.  These Tri-Tronic collars are all made in the USA.  At JR Sales, Industeries we take pride in providing your dog a collar that gives you the results you want when working with your dog.  The NEW Sport Junior collar has a waterproof receiver. The remotely-activated collar light is the perfect safety feature for your dog.

  JR Sales, Industries carriers the Sport Basic G3, Sport Combo G3, Trashbreaker G3 EXP with Tracer E-collar light, the Bark Limiter G3, plus many more.  The Tri-Tronic dog collars all come with a one or two year comprehensive warranty. 

We sell high quality dog food and dog products for a low price. From Liver dog treats, to freeze dried dandy lamb dinner, to anti-bark collars, our products will satisfy both you and your dog. The Stella & Chewy’s freeze dried dog food including frozen Stella super beef dinner and freeze dried Chewy’s chicken dinner will ensure your puppy or dog will get enough meat and healthy ingredients to keep them full and happy.

The bark collars for dogs and anti-bark dog collars will help control your dog’s behavior problems at home or in the field. The Pro Control RX transmitter dog collar features easy to use buttons and dials, and operates 10 receivers off a single transmitter.

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