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JR Sales, Industries was created in 2009 to help dog owners make good choices in their dogs diet.  Stella and Chewy's freeze dryed dog food will provide their dogs with high meat content and protein that their dogs need and deserve.  Our mission is to provide our customers with top quality products and services at all times. 

Stella and Chewy's is dedicated to your dog's health and happiness every day of their lives.  We believe that your dog deserves to thrive on pure, simple, minimally processed food, the way nature intended.  Your dog's dinners are all natural from Stella and Chewy's.  Every product is made with select organic produce and raw, USDA-inspected meat, raised naturally with no added hormones or antibiotics.  Also, all our products are made without grain, fillers, artificial preservatives or coloring. 

Stella and Chewy's products are all natural because the closer food is to its natural state, the more bio-available the nutrient's are, the more healthier the product is for your dog.  Plus, they're full of flavor dogs naturally crave, with added vitamins and minerals. 

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